Exploring opportunities on and beyond the sea

The Leomar Group has its origin at sea but today invests in people and companies across a wide variety of industries. We create long-term value through active ownership and nurturing innovation while adhering to our core values.

Our investment horizon is evergreen. We value financial stability and sustainable growth. As an entrepreneurial firm, we are agile and responsive to a changing world.

Core values

At Leomar we incorporate our core values in everything we do.


Having the courage to stand by our principles and values.


Earned through a track record of honesty and accountability.


Having the skills and initiative, to identify and seize opportunity.

ahead of the wave

Affection and respect for the ocean drives our focus on sustainability. The shipping industry contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; fuel-saving technologies are therefore essential, not just to save cost but to reduce environmental footprints and meet stringent emission regulations today and in the future.

In recent years, Leomar has implemented a comprehensive sustainability program aimed at reducing bunker consumption and emissions across the fleet. This is done by combining the latest optimization software and hardware alongside vessel modifications and improvements.

Our dedicated team monitors data from sensors and ship voyage records, factoring in weather and tides to calculate optimal settings for navigation, propulsive power, pitch, trim and electrical consumption to help clients keep costs low and environmental efficiency high.

We are committed to implement the latest technology to optimise sustainability in all fields where we are active.

“Our comprehensive sustainability program reduces bunker consumption and emissions, cutting CO2 by over 20 000 tons yearly”

Entrepreneurial culture – join our team

A strong entrepreneurial drive is ingrained in the Leomar DNA. 

We nurture and encourage that spirit: in our everyday business, it means focussing on getting things done. 

We can’t always compete on size, so we have to be faster, more agile, and more creative. 

The Leomar Group provides an opportunity for professionals looking to work in a relatively small yet international organisation with a global reach. Today, we have approximately 230 employees across our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Mariehamn, Athens and London.

The greatest possibilities are always ahead of us. That is why we keep on developing existing business areas and venturing into new ones – on and beyond the sea.

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