Maritime activities

The Leomar Group has a long history of innovation in international shipping. Our team has developed and contracted 35 Newbuildings in various segments over four decades.

Based on a broad understanding of customer requirements we have spearheaded multiple conversions and adaptations of predominantly RoRo vessels.

Combining industrial expertise and innovation we have developed both floating and shore-based RoRo terminals in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Today, the Leomar Group is active in ship owning and all aspects of ship management and operations.

Each year, our valued seafarers safely navigate 1 800 port calls, sailing some 600 000 nautical miles, transporting 7.2 million tonnes of cargo

Shore-based activities


Together with strategic partners we have developed Nordic Marine Insurance to become a leading provider of niche, made-to-measure products such as Delay Insurance, Primary Loss of Earnings, and Maritime Lien. Responding to market demand, Nordic Marine Insurance has recently expanded to offer Hull and Machinery and Loss of Hire products. We work closely with clients to create bespoke solutions, delivered with integrity and a conservative risk approach.

The company annually provides specialised insurance cover for approximately 1 200 vessels worldwide or about 70 million dead weight tonnes (DWT) in segments ranging from gas carriers and oil and chemical carriers to container vessels and bulk carriers.

Real Estate

Over the last decade, our real estate arm has specialised in land investment and development. We are proud to have played an active role in the delivery of more than 12 000 homes. In addition, the company has advanced planning permission for another 10 000 homes, 17 new schools and over 500 000 square metres of green spaces, with further investments in zero carbon construction projects under way.

We are proud to have played an active role in the delivery of more than 10 000 homes


The companies we partner with consist of innovative and creative teams that share our core values and evergreen approach.

Leomar looks to deploy capital in ventures based on our industrial expertise and which will drive sustainable growth. We work closely with founders and investors to enhance innovation and long-term value creation. Leomar invests in multiple sectors, across both public and private markets.